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We offer regular classes for IB Diploma students. We have students from Indus International School, Greenwood High school, TISB, Primus Public School, Oakridge International School, Inventure Academy etc. All faculties with prior work experience in teaching in an International school or are subject matter experts.Classes customised according to the students requirement

We are teaching IB subjects online for students outside Bangalore through Skype. Classes are conducted by the same faculties who are teaching at the institute.

Classes are customised according to the student needs. Trial class is provided before the enrollment

Worksheets, assignments are given for practice according to IB standards

Classes are currently conducted for following subjects :

  • IB Math HL/SL ( Classes twice a week for 1.5 hr each for the whole year by the owner)
  • IB Physics HL/SL (Classes twice a week for 1.5 hr each by Mrs Pratibha, Masters in Physics)
  • IB Chemistry HL/SL (Classes twice a week by Dr. Rahakrishnan, Phd in chemistry with 25+ yrs experience)
  • IB Spanish (Spanish classes by Abhijeet, expert Spanish tutor)
  • IB Economics / Business studies HL/SL (Classes by Mrs Nitika, Masters in economics)
  • IB Biology HL/SL (Classes by Mrs Arathi ,Masters in Biology)
  • IB Computers HL/SL (Classes by Mrs Shanta ,Masters in Computers)
  • IB Psychology HL/SL (Classes by Miss Rimjhim ,Masters in Psychology)